Voice Metrics
How's Business? Just Ask.


Voice Metrics allows you to set up a “Business Briefing” with YOUR business data. Simply connect Voice Metrics to ANY Google Sheet, Slack Board, or programmatically with our REST API. The data is always there for you to get from Alexa at any time. You can ask it for your key numbers – sales, orders, new signups, or whatever KPI’s you want.


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Paul Cornwell   August 29 at 7:25 PM
Really easy to post data to Voice Metrics and just ask Alexa for it!

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Seth Lugibihl   August 31 at 2:53 PM
Fantastic skill here! Love seeing skills like this in the B2B space! Don't forget to check out the interview with Stuart at: https://www.voiciety.io/blog/how-stuart-crane-of-voice-metrics-is-bringing-voice-into-b2b