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It’s 2019. Yet, as a family physician of 15 years and medical educator of medical students, something has become very clear to me. Our whole medical education system is broken. There is no way the current system, as is, will prepare students for a career in medicine. Much of this has to do with the fact that students are being trained in dated and toxic 20th century paradigms, mindsets, and with poor antiquated technology. As I recently told Seth on a recent Voiciety pod episode, I keep asking myself, “Why the hell am I still using fax machines in 2019?!” Also, our EHR (Electronic Health Records) have not lived up to the hype we were hoping for - as we find ourselves doing more data entry than actually spending time with patients.

If you have ever seen the movie “Meet the Parents” with Ben Stiller, it reminds of the scene where a frustrated and exhausted Stiller checks in at the airport. The airline check in agent spends several minutes just tap tap tap tapping away on her keyboard, only staring at the computer screen, and never making direct eye contact with Ben Stiller’s character, who becomes increasingly more exasperated with each subsequent encounter with the airline’s employees. Although a hilarious series of events for a film, this has become the depressing reality of medicine today. Consequently, there is a “burnout” epidemic in physicians, as well as high rates of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, divorce, and suicide. Over 70 percent of physicians are telling their children not go into careers in medicine. Enough was enough. All of this was the impetus for my colleagues and I to start an insurrection from the grassroots up.

We started a podcast (The Happy Doc) 2 years ago to find truly fulfilled physicians and students. We wanted to know what was their “secret sauce”, so to speak? And then it hit us. Our a-ha moment. Creativity, especially in the digital spaces - from YouTubers to Bloggers to Podcasters and now the next digital creative frontier: Voice. The stars aligned for us. It only made sense we enter the Voice space as one of our taglines with our Happy Doc podcast is being “the voice of fulfilled physicians and students”. We realized we needed to drag Mainstream Medicine kicking and screaming into the 21st Century with a fresh, new, creative, collaborative, connected, and compassionate model. We planted our flag in this real estate to start recruiting the young Padawans to restore the balance to The Force in medicine. And in so doing will oversee a generation of young Jedis learning, teaching, creating, and practicing medicine in the century we live in to become healthier, wealthier, and wiser. If you are reading this? Thanks for your time. And welcome to the Rebel Alliance. May the Force be with us all.

Neel Desai, M.D., co-founder of MedFlashGo, family physician, father, medical educator, creative, and dork who is not as funny as he thinks he is.

Neel Desai

It is time for us to start learning, teaching, creating, and practicing medicine in the century we live in. Our MedFlashGo Voice Skill is the Step 1, figuratively and literally.