Introducing the Jargon SDK

Hey Voiciety Community,

I want to share with you all a quick introduction to the Jargon SDK and a few starter templates to get started. The Jargon SDK enables skill developers to create engaging user experiences and prepare for global audiences.

We want the experience of building a skill using the Jargon SDK to be easy. A few weeks ago, we announced that we made available “Jargonized” versions of a number of the Amazon-authored templates to get your new skill up and running with the Jargon SDK.

To make use of these templates:

  • Install and setup the ASK CLI
    If you’ve previously installed the CLI please make sure you’re on the latest version by running npm update -g ask-cli
    If this is your first time using the CLI you’ll need to first run ask init to configure everything
  • Run ask new --url
  • Select the template you wish to use, and follow the prompts to complete configuring your new skill

Please note that you’ll receive a warning message that the template isn’t from an official source; in order to create the skill from the template answer “yes” when prompted. The templates include the same hook scripts as the original Amazon templates; these scripts ensure that the necessary dependencies are installed (via npm) after creating a new project, and prior to deployment.

If you know which template you’d like to use, in step 2 above you can directly provide its URL:

Please file an issue if you’re interested in seeing a template for a different use case, or contact us at with any suggestions or feedback you might have.

Thanks, Voiciety Community!