A New Vision For Voiciety

Some Big Changes Are Coming to Voiciety! (6/12/2018)

I want to announce some big changes to Voiciety, but before I explain, I’d like to give some context! (Feel free to skip to the next subheading if you’d like)

A little less than a year ago I set out to create Voiciety: a site that would help others discover new and popular Alexa skills. Discoverability of Voice Apps has been an ongoing issue and I wanted to see if there was something that could be done to help creators, developers, and makers in Voice bring more awareness/engagement to their apps. As the months went on, I expanded Voiciety to a wide variety of regions and eventually to Google Actions as well. It was incredible to get to see firsthand what you all were creating in Voice, and it inspired me to seek out community in this innovative space.

I’ve always considered myself to be a content creator. For the past few years prior to Voiciety, I have created YouTube videos related to Computer Science, Entrepreneurship, and Software Development. Content has always been a passion of mine, and so I was always pursing a way to create content in the Voice space.

I started content first with the Voiciety Interviews following the official launch in August. My initial intentions were to give a behind the scenes look at the creators of these incredible Voice apps that I was seeing every day. I had such a great time speaking with you all in those written interviews that I wanted to take it to a more natural medium: Voice.

So in November of 2018, I launched the Voiciety Podcast with no particular focus. I was, and still am, very curious about many different fields related to Voice technology, so I struck out to bring on founders, designers, researchers, developers, and practitioners in Voice. Over the past few months I have had an incredible time interviewing so many inspiring people in and around the Voice industry, and I hope you all have enjoyed the episodes thus far.

Creating content for the podcast gave me a different perspective on where I wanted to take Voiciety. Discoverability is still an ongoing issue within the Voice ecosystem, but I’m not sure Voiciety is the right place to drive discoverability in the vision I had for the site almost a year ago. With this being said, I’d like to announce some changes, along with a new vision for Voiciety

So What Is Changing With Voiciety?

During the past ten months I received hundreds of skill submissions from companies, founders, and independent developers/creators. I have been incredible inspired seeing all of these Voice apps, and I hope Voiciety helped bring more awareness to your apps in some way or another. With this being said, I am sunsetting (gracefully shutting down) the Voice App submission sections of the site so that the site can be better suited to fit the new vision for Voiciety and this community.

  • The old voice app submissions will still be listed on the site backlinks over the next few months, but will most likely be fully sunsetted by the years end. As always, if you would like to make changes to your Voice app submission, you can log in and hover over your profile in the upper hand corner of the screen and select “My Apps”

A New Vision

I’ve always loved bringing awareness to what other people are working on. I’d like to help foster a community of practitioners in the Voice space by bringing people together through the stories, advice, and content created by talking with you all.

Here are my primary focuses for Voiciety with this new vision:

Over the next couple months, Voiciety will undergo some changes as I shift the focus from discoverability to a strong vision for sharing the experiences, stories, knowledge, and advice of the Voice community!

How To Get Involved

If you’d like to come along this journey with me, there are a lot of ways you can contribute and join the Voiciety Community!

  • The Voiciety Community Articles
    • Are you working on something in Voice and would like to share? The Voiciety community articles are always open to blog post/article submissions. Simply login/signup and go to the community articles where you can create and submit your work!
  • The Voiciety Podcast
    • The Voiciety podcast is always looking for guests from diverse backgrounds, focuses, and fields of study in Voice. It has no particular niche or focus, as I love to bring on guests as they share their experiences, successes, struggles, thoughts, as well as showcasing what they are working on in Voice. The Voiciety podcast is available on every major podcasting platform!
  • The Voiciety Community on Social

Final Thoughts

I’m extremely appreciative of you all and the impact you have had on this community, and I’m looking forward to hearing from each and every one of you!