Voiciety is out of Alpha! πŸš€

After a solid week of testing, I’m happy to announce Voiciety is out of Alpha!

Here are some quick numbers from the alpha launch!

  • πŸ“ 42 Skill submissions
  • βœ… 25 User Signups
  • πŸ’– Over 125 skill post likes given

…And that’s just the start!I have been looking over your individual comments feedback after each skill submission, and I am working to push out those changes ASAP.

πŸ“… Here are my goals for August:

  • Add Skills to the Editor’s Pick Section
  • Start Interviewing Alexa Skill Creators on Voiciety
  • Release the first newsletter- Allow Full Skill Post Editing
  • Multiple App Store Skill Links (us, uk, in, etc…)

…and of course even more skill submissions and users!

I’m also working on a few ways to allow you to re-submit your skills to the top of the β€œNew” Section when you release updates to your skills giving you the opportunity to get even more exposure for your Alexa skills!

I cannot thank each and everyone of you enough for your individual contributions to Voiciety, and I’m looking forward to a strong upcoming month of growth!

– Seth @ Voiciety πŸ”Š