How My Career Fit is Changing the Way Alexa Users Find And Seek Careers 💼

Hello! Tell us a little bit about your background and an overview of MyCareerFit!

My name is Gordon Collier and I’m the owner and founder of Pipeline Search Solutions. Initially I started the company to focus on traditional contingent recruiting services for businesses across the country but have recently launched the My Career Fit podcast to assist businesses and other organizations with enhancing their employer brand and creating awareness around their career opportunities.In a some ways the service is similar to a traditional job posting you might find on other platforms such as Careerbuilder, Ziprecruiter, or Indeed, but we’ve taken the written format and turned into an audio platform. With continued utilization of mobile and the rise of audio like podcasts and voice activated systems like Alexa, Google Voice, Siri or Cortanna I felt like there was a real opportunity to bring innovation to the traditional method of looking for a job. I thought that if you could order a pizza through Alexa you should be able to hear about job opportunities as well.

What was your inspiration for starting and creating MyCareerFit, and why did you choose Voice as one of your main ways of distributing your content?

I’ve been in corporate HR and Recruiting for over 20+ years and the industry in my opinion hasn’t moved forward enough or fast enough when it comes to recruitment advertising and employer branding. There have been some tactical advances with services like LinkedIn but since then there hasn’t really been much innovation occurring. I really felt like there was an opportunity using voice and podcasting formats to allow potential job seekers an opportunity to hear directly from an employer and hear more about what it’s like to work there. Things like Culture, Vision, Mission or their organizational “Why”. Job seekers these days are not simply looking for a job their looking for a career and an organization who’s vision, mission, goals and “why” align with their own. It’s important for people to feel like their working “with” a company not just “for” a company.

“Job seekers these days are not simply looking for a job their looking for a career and an organization who’s vision, mission, goals and “why” align with their own.” - Gordon Collier

How did you go about building MyCareerFit flashbriefing and skill?

I started the service by creating the podcast which can be found on Podbean, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, TuneIN. That was the easy part for me since I’ve had a few podcasts in the past and I write and record my own music. My weakness is technology so initially I thought I would need to hire someone to build an Amazon Alexa skill for me. As I was conducting research on voice skills I ran across Storyline. I signed up and within a month I had the first My Career Fit Amazon Alexa Skill published. The next thing I did was create the Flash Briefing because that’s where I saw the real benefit. I have news outlets and podcasts on my Flash Briefing “Start My Day” and I knew that lots of other people did as well and that having the My Career Fit podcast available as a short Flash Briefing would be paramount to listener growth.

What are your future goals for My Career Fit?

Currently while early Voice Adopters see the value long term in voice development to the average user or audio listener Voice and Audio are still very new. Despite the rising numbers of podcast listeners I still have to educate some customers on what a podcast is. I equate it to a time in my career when companies were just begining to come around to the idea of having a “Corporate Website”. That sounds crazy to most of us these days. That’s why I think it’s so absolutely critical that businesses begin to think about the future of voice and what the impact to their business can or will be in just the next 5-7 years.

Any advice for anyone looking to get into the Alexa/Voice space, but aren’t sure where or how to start?

Right now most of what is being created is entertainment based but I think we’re turning the corner where we are beginning to see more and more skills being created that actually create real value. I would encourage skill developers to be a part of the “value” train. That’s how Alexa skills and other voice services will really become even more utilized than they are today.

Where can we go to follow you and your work?

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