Thunderstorm Sounds image

Thunderstorm Sounds
The best Alexa Skill to help you sleep, relax, meditate, or focus.

Spooky Says image

Spooky Says
Spooky version of the popular Simon Says game!

Virtual Vacation image

Virtual Vacation
Experience a vacation without leaving home

Laughing Tunes image

Laughing Tunes
Laughing Tunes is a skill to help you make your day beautiful.

Puzzle Quest image

Puzzle Quest
You awake on the floor in a strange house, can you escape?

Engineer 4 a day image

Engineer 4 a day
Do you really know what engineering is about? Try it with this skill!

Space Hero image

Space Hero
Become the ultimate space hero by playing while learning!

Hey Muse image

Hey Muse
social voice chat
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